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The government now requires clinics and hospitals to provide patients with a summary of their visits to a facility. This can be done electronically or as a paper print out. If you have provided us with an e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail to connect you to a portal where you create an account and then can view/print your summary. If you have not provided us with an e-mail address and want a printed summary, please let your doctor know at the time of service.

Patients who have not previously signed onto the patient Portal will be taken through a registration process the first time they log in.

When a clinical summary (CCD) is delivered to the Portal, the patient is sent an e-mail with the Subject: Office Visit Summary. This message contains a clickable link to the User Login Screen on the Portal site.

  1. Go to the MySecureHealthData.com site.
  2. The patient enters their e-mail address in the User Name field and clicks the    Submit button.
  3. A Validation e-mail is then sent to the patient with the Subject: Validation of User on MySecureHealthData.com. The patient must click on the Validation URL in this e-mail to return to the Portal and continue the registration process.
  4. The patient completes the Portal User Information screen and then clicks the Save button.
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • New Password (a combination of letters and numbers, at least 8 characters long)
  • Secret Question (at least 8 characters including spaces)
  • Answer to Secret Question (at least 8 characters)

At this point, the patient has access to their Health Record and Educational Resources on the MySecureHealthData.com website.

Of note if the e-mail you receive does not open or does not show you a summary, you can go directly to www.mysecurehealthdata.com and start this process.